“WHAT I DO: I help small businesses achieve their full potential by providing a custom-built roadmap, content and training.”

While it may seem surprising, I started my career as a client servicing executive at a small advertising agency.

Later, pushing back my passion for writing, I joined in my family business as an operations head, where I took charge of everything, from in-house operations to ideation of marketing concepts.

From then on, I was fascinated by the way an idea turns into reality and the way it grows.

As such, I had been ideating products, building brands, managing teams.

I am a Business Intelligence Mentor, Communication Expert and Marketing Enthusiast.

Having built brands from scratch, I’m well-versed with launching new products, managing online and offline associations, and client servicing.

Recently, I’ve revisited my passion for writing, and while working on my blog creativewhirl.com, I’ve been occupied with projects in the same domain.

If you have questions about building or growing your own set up, or are a budding entrepreneur, feel free to connect and let me know how I can help.