Hey there,

Welcome to my blog, Creative Whirl!

“This blog is for all the passion fuelled individuals (YOU), ready to learn and grow the lives, blogs, and businesses they love or are truly longing for.”
I’ll hold your hand and walk you through the journey of success.

Let me introduce myself properly. I am Aditi Chander Pahwa
A full-time mommy, part-time businesswoman, writer, seeker, a true believer in self and the almighty!

I hold a Master’s degree in Mass Communication and I have been in business for almost a decade. Until 2015, when I gave birth to my handsome little bundle of joy. It is then I turned into a WAHM (Work from Home Mom).
There is nothing more beautiful and satisfying than being with your little one all the time. Busy routine with household chores, baby care, and a titbit office work kept the routine going with some unknown missing dots.
The past 2.5 years gave me enough alone time to rekindle my love for writing.
Writing has always been my passion since forever. The back of my notebooks was always scribbled with short poems and quotes. Thus I landed in the world of mass communication. But life had other plans and without me even planning or realizing I landed in the business world quite early.

So now I plan to share all the experiences that have made me learn & grow as a person, a hands-on mommy, and the proud owner of my business ventures. All lessons of life poured out together into words for you!
For any queries, suggestions or feedback feel free to write to me at [email protected]
I would love to hear from you!