7 Life Lessons Gen-Z Should Learn From The Millennials

7 lessons Gen-Z needs to learn from the Millenials

If there is a life, there are lessons to learn!
There were times when family meant countless relations living together as one. Times when there was always someone holding your hand, making way for you and helping you grow and learn.

But with the nuclear family systems, working parents, no siblings, busy routines and lone lives Google seems to be the only guide young ones have nowadays.

I feel, we the millennial are the rebel generation. We have fought the generation gap the most number of times.

Our parents were the ideal children, who followed their parents and all elders. Our children have got ‘The Modern Parents’ so we share a lot more understanding and openness than what we shared with our parents.

There are innumerable things I wish someone would have told me or warned me about before I choose my subjects or started my career, and even before I officially became an adult.

We were born in the GenY,
We got to enjoy & experience everything NEW
We were the lab rats to most tech discoveries,
We were the first to leave the stationary and grab the QWERTY,
It was us who got to type those late night love songs, it was us to find an E-way for home.
SMS, chats, BBM, Whatsapp we were the explorer of the new communication fad.
Three decades of discovery and innovation, trial and tribulations,
I’m here to share the lessons I learned being a Millennial


Love is the essence of life. It gives you wings to fly high and achieve what you desire. So Love yourself, love what you do, love your partner.
Just remember to genuinely love and not just fill in the gaps. If love isn’t in the situation, kindly change your direction!
If you don’t love the subjects you study, change them. Job/office Sucks – Quit. Find what you love, follow your passion only then peace, success and true happiness will follow you back.
There might be situations where you would be forced to do something that’s not your cup of tea, those are the times when you should focus on your ultimate goal and work towards it. True efforts never go waste. Love will always find its way.

2. Never Stop Learning

never stop learning

“You cannot help but learn more as you take the world into your hands. Take it up reverently, for it is an old piece of clay, with millions of thumbprints on it.” ―John Updike
The world is ever evolving, change is so swift that you have to match your pace and be ahead with new. Read a book, update yourself with current affairs, learn new technology, follow a new hobby, travel the world, be a learner.
Knowledge is the only thing that is purely yours and is the best X factor to put forward.
Your school grades, graduation degrees, certificates cease to matter after a certain age. But, the actual know-how of the world around you, your expertise on the newest developments, nation and world news, fashion, industry or what not. It keeps the conversations going plus keeps your brain active.
A learner never grows old!

3. Always Plan Ahead


Always plan and prepare yourself with a Plan A, B & C.

As we grow up, we get so busy experiencing life that we forget the first lesson we learnt as kids i.e., planning.

Remember how we used to have a daily timetable at school, planned syllabus for each session, scheduled lists of class tests and exams, scheduled tuition classes on MWF or TTS. Everything was so easily sorted out.
As you mature, start planning ahead. The first independent plan you have to make is of your subject’s Hindi/Sanskrit, Humanities, Commerce or Science followed by university and then masters and a job.

Whether it’s about preparing for the next day or career or life, one should always think and have a plan. The Plan will help you maintain your FOCUS and achieve GOALS.

Remember, when I asked you to LOVE even that needs a Plan. You can’t land up in your favourite Job without a proper plan and a couple of back up plans.
The excitement of any party or festivity forces you to plan the dress you’re going to wear and it’s matching accessories, then why not plan your life?
But yes, keep a little wiggle room in all your plans because decisions are always circumstantial.

4. Start Saving from the First Pay Check Onwards

start saving

The first day of your first job, the first salary you get, moments like these are most awaited & memorable for everyone.
There are countless sweet stories revolving around the first job and the first pay check one got and how they spent it. But do we really ever plan to save from that very first pay check?
Here starts the vicious circle of working, earning and spending. Until, one fine day we realise oh! We have to save for X/Y/Z reasons. Why do you want a wakeup call when the present day scenario of the super-fast lives we lead, the ever changing economy and unstable government policies are reasons enough for us to start saving as early as possible and always have back up resources to cover emergencies and periods of ZERO income or high expenditures.
As elders we teach the young ones to save by buying them a piggy bank. Those little kids have no idea about where the money comes from or how to spend it. Yet the parents hand them their piggy banks to save all the money they receive as gifts or the pocket money they get.
Then why do we forget when we start working hard to earn money. Why do we forget to save from our first pay check itself?
I’ll give you a simple formula to save without cutting ends. Firstly start saving the 10th part of each pay check you get. When you get comfortable start a life insurance policy followed by SIP or some other good regular saving plan that will serve you later.
Saving Rs. 100 from your Rs. 10,000 salary is very easy and at the yearend you will have rs.1200 saved. Don’t spend those, invest them wisely.
Remember, “A penny saved, is a penny earned.”

5. Be Professional

Be Proffessional

Being professional nowadays is the core prerequisite for a successful career.
It not only means having advanced degrees or other certifications, it also involves dressing smartly at work, doing a good job and being a team player, valuing time and commitment.
“Our work is the presentation of our capabilities” – Edward Gibbon
There is no space for you to be casual about your education, time, work or any other resources. There is always someone better than you waiting to grab the opportunity you have. So always be professional and put your best foot forward.
Gone are the days of getting a job through personal recommendations by uncles. Neither can you enter the offices in casual flip flops anymore.
It’s the reign of corporates and MNC’s, where you have to dress up for success, you ought to exercise critical thinking and problem-solving, ethical and responsible role fulfilment, initiative and accountability, and appropriate nonverbal gestures and behaviour at your professional front.
It’s a rat race out there and you need to prove your worth to stay and rise.

6.Indulge in yourself

find your inner peace

Today’s fast paced lives require you take care of yourself and focus on feeling good about yourself – body, mind and soul.

There used be a time when life had a slow pace and everyone celebrated it to the fullest. The air quality, food, and relations everything was good and pure.
Changing times have not only polluted the physical atmosphere around you but also the emotional sphere.

The rise in technological advancement and world development has not only lead to degraded quality of air we breathe and food we eat but also the relationships around us.

The increasing stress of day to day life, maintaining the work life balance focused on goals, achievements, and meeting the extreme expectations you have from yourself, juggling all the balls in the air at one go — are all at the expense of your well-being.

This isn’t fair! One has to take out ‘Me-time’, make efforts to spend quality time alone to make sure make that you’re at your best— emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Irrespective of the fact that you are a stay at home person or with a full time office, always keep yourself well groomed and well read. Maintain a sync between your inner and outer self.

Try to add small self-care habits to your every day routine. Add a lot of love and attention for your own body, mind, and soul.
Enrol for Yoga, Pilates or hit the gym. Got no time for classes, just go out for a walk in the park or else put on your dancing shoes and have a gala. Let loose yourself.
Practise Meditation, listen to your inner voice. Do some sort of physical activity to keep fit. Keep yourself a priority!

7. Try New Things

Life is all about living and experiencing it to the fullest. So whatever opportunity knocks your door grab it with full zeal.
Trying new things will give you a chance to see things differently, with a new outlook. You will enhance your life infinitely if you live it with a sense of curiosity and innovation, and always challenge yourself to try new things.
You should walk out of your comfort zone, break the monotony of your life. Don’t just stick to the gadgets go out and explore the world. There is so much new every day to learn and experience. The technology, food, places, activities.
Try new things and learn to be more open to change. Experiences are lives greatest lessons, it will help in stimulating you intellectually, emotionally, and physically.
So never stop trying.

Are you a Millenial? then add your piece of advice you have to offer to the GenZ.
If you are the GenZ let me know how did you find this post.

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